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Tarinoita leluista, keräilystä ja omistamisesta

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13 April 1984
Hello! ^^

I'm a toy collector and a video game nerd girl from Finland. Nice to meet you!

I find myself...
- watching old animations dubbed terribly in Finnish (...or little better in English)
- collecting all closets full of toys, videogames and old comics
- writing odd stories with dolls
- drawing uncool furry comic strips

In this journal I try to write something about my life, toys and collections, and put here lots of photos. I started my journal with stories of Jun Planning dolls, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop and Figures. Later I have told more about my life, in Finnish and Friends only the most parts (sorry!) This journal is partial friends only but feel free to add me if you share some similar interesting. n_n

My dolls at the moment. You can read more about them at my LJ. The full list of my doll story episodes can be found in here: The Story. Welcome! ^^

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